Robin -- Owner

Hometown: Norfolk, VA

Where did you go to middle school?: "There weren't middle school when I was growing was the Indian River Junior High School"

Where did you go to high school? "I went to Indian River High School.  While I was in college at VCU I student taught at Western Branch."

Favorite Apparel Item: "I don't have one.  Do you realize that men landed on the moon before they made a sports bra for women!?  I am just so happy that we have great technical apparel and sports bras to provide to our customers."

What made you want to open a Fleet Feet Sports store?: I have a joy in being present when someone reaches a goal or achieves success.  Fleet Feet Sports helps individuals reach their goals and this still inspires me after owning a store for over six years.  This is one of the few jobs where you can see the result directly related to what you do.  

I like when customers come back and they are so excited to share their experiences.  

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